Action Item Resolution & Consolidation

Save money on installation costs by letting Smith & Burgess resolve your findings, concerns, and action item backlog.

Findings, concerns, and action items are generated from many of the various facility PSM requirements. Generally, these items tend to get buried behind the daily tasks and start piling up. The people at Smith & Burgess have been resolving action items generated as part of the PSM process for almost a decade. Let us take your action items and generate action plans for approval. With our help, you can clear the backlog and get the number of outstanding items down to a manageable level.

Findings, Concerns, and Action Items
These findings can be generated from the following items:

  • PHA findings and recommendations
  • Accident investigations findings
  • PSM audit findings
  • Missing or incomplete data from the Process Safety Information (PSI) efforts
  • Identified equipment deficiencies from the PSI efforts
  • Findings from the mechanical integrity process

These are just a few of the items that typically trigger documentation updates. Call our experts to find out more ways we can help with all of your relief systems documentation needs.

Our Resolutions Cost Less
Our approach to developing action plans is to first look through the sea of open items and then to categorize them into logical groups. We then look to resolve multiple findings concerns or action items with a single action plan. We look at the risk associated with the resolution and compare the installed risk, mitigation risk, and residual risk. We present the options and associated risks and you and your team decide on the best path. We then update all the required documentation and present you and your team with action plans to implement.

What OSHA’S PSM Standard Says
The OSHA PSM standard is pretty clear when it comes to findings, concerns, or action items that impact safety, resolution is required. We help ensure that compliance is maintained and our internal procedures will ensure that OSHA requirements are met. Whether we track the action items in our internal data management tool or we use yours, the work will get done and get done correctly. OSHA requires the following for PSM related findings:

  • A system to track findings
  • Findings are promptly addressed
  • Written schedules for actions to be completed
  • Documentation of resolution
  • Communicate actions to affected employees
  • PSI updated as required

For additional information on the compliance requirements for the resolution of findings, concerns, and action items, download a copy of our white paper. The Action Item Resolution paper provides an in depth look at the regulatory requirements for these items and has the accolade of industry and regulatory bodies.

Bottom Line
Smith & Burgess Consulting will resolve your findings, concerns, and action item backlog using a methodology that saves you money on installation costs. We will generate fewer action plans and will document resolutions for your approvals that are compliant with the PSM standard.