PHA Facilitation

Our PHA Facilitations reduce the cost of the PHA, allowing you to focus safety resources on the most critical matters at hand.

Let Smith & Burgess provide a trained facilitator and a technical scribe who are familiar with the PSM standard. We will consolidate and organize the information required to efficiently perform the study, facilitate and document the study, and prepare and distribute the findings from the study. The final report can be issued in a multitude of formats, and we always include the pertinent back-up documentation reviewed in the study. Our methodology allows us to import the findings and recommendations into almost any tracking system.

Preparation is Key
The PSM standard expects that the PHA team will review everything to ensure the process is safe. In general, all the information generated as part of the 14 elements of the PSM Standard should be reviewed. We at Smith & Burgess collate the information required, analyze it for completeness, and then organize the required documentation for the team to use. This allows for a better discussion by letting the team members focus on the PHA and not tracking down documents – which saves time! We all know that the team members don’€™t have the time to track down the documents during the PHA, so the team generates many PHA recommendations and action items. We have all seen recommendations that look like:

Consider verifying that the discharge pressure of pump “X” is less than “Y” or verify that the relief valve on “X” is adequate for scenario “Y.”

Each finding like these costs money and diverts people and resources from issues that truly affect safety. We do the preparation work required to minimize these concerns.

Team Meetings
We prepare the team, provide an agenda, and ensure that the elements required by OSHA are covered. In addition to reviewing the PSM Standard (29 CFR 1910.119), ensuring PHAs are meeting all of the requirements, we also regularly review the OSHA compliance guidelines (i.e. Compliance Guidelines and Enforcement Procedures, CPL 02-02.45A CH-1), the intent of the standard (Preambles to Final Rules for the Process Safety Management Standard, Section 3 – III. Summary and Explanation of the Final Rule), and the OSHA website for the most recent clarifications issued by this regulatory body. Our experience will help guide the team to ensure that they discuss the matters that are important, and we use our direct conversation to address global and individual items concerning safety.

Our Reports
The report will document the individuals involved with the study, the scope, the findings, and the notes from the meeting. The report will also have appendices that contain information for future reviewers to understand what material was available to the team at the time of the study. In addition, we will provide the reports and findings in an electronic format compatible with the systems currently employed at the facility.

Bottom Line
We go the extra mile to minimize wasted and confusion time in the study. We focus the team on the issues at hand and will prepare the reports in the format that best meets the need of the site. Each item that we can track down during the course of the study reduces the residual cost of the PHA and allows the site to focus safety resources on the critical matters at hand.