PSM Consulting & Assessments

Our audits provide significant results, as we understand the difference between requirements and best practices.

Is the OSHA PSM Standard (29 CFR 1910.119) leaving you with no idea on how to progress? Let Smith & Burgess help. Our team has the experience to guide you and your facility to compliance. With a strong background in refinery and chemical processes, we understand how plants work and how to keep up with the PSM requirements. Whether you need help preparing the internal three year self assessment required in 1910.119(o), or are looking to have a second opinion on your program, we can help line out the best path forward to ensure a greater level of compliance.

The Check Up
Our methodologies to determine the status of your PSM system and what should be changed follow the same guidance that OSHA gives in their enforcement guideline (CPL 02-02.45A CH-1). The steps below mirror what OSHA does and provides not only a good understanding of the written PSM program, but also an idea of how well the program is implemented.

Procedures and œInside€ Information:€“ The first step that we take is to look into is the written procedures and policies of the facility. We will digest your procedures and then run through the stockpiles of information to find the places that are effective as well as finding the places that could use a little more help.

Field Verification:€“ Smith & Burgess will verify that the procedures and “inside” information accurately reflect the state of the facility. We will select a sample of the facility and ensure that the documentation, information, and procedures accurately reflect the current state of the facility.

Employee Interviews:“ We will interview various team members within the facility to ensure that the PSM message is understood within the facility.

Finally, we will go point by point through the PSM elements to ensure that you have an accurate understanding of how your facility is doing.

Our Audits Prevent Waste
There are requirements, and then there are best practices. We will focus in on the requirements and ensure that we point out only areas that need fixing.

What You Get
We ensure that you know where you stand and that you will be more prepared for an audit (should one happen):

  • Improvements suggestions itemized by PSM element
  • PSM requirements database that detail: who is the process owner for each requirement, the file structure and data storage mechanism, and a comment on what are the requirements and what are the best practices
  • Site tailored RFQs for continued progress towards compliance

Bottom Line Smith & Burgess Consulting will help ensure that you work towards compliance. We won’€™t muddy the waters by confusing best practices with requirements and we will give you an idea on how to continue to progress towards compliance.