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At Smith & Burgess, we pride ourselves in providing concise documentation to help oil and gas professionals with Process Safety Management compliance. These papers are free for you to download. Click on the paper’s title for more information.




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White Papers

Minimal requirements for relief systems documentation by Dustin Smith, P.E.

Safety Instrumented Systems in Lieu of Pressure Relief Valves by Dustin Smith, P.E.

Consequence Analysis of Atmospheric Discharge from Pressure Relief Devices: Qualitative and Quantitative Safety Screening by Dustin Smith, P.E. and John Burgess, P.E.

Validating a Relief Device Stability Model by Dustin Smith, P.E.

Action Item Requirements by Dustin Smith, P.E.

Smith & Burgess Published Articles

Ensuring Safe Operations when Fulfilling Action Item Requirements by Dustin Smith, P.E., and Jason White, P.E.

Relief Device Inlet Piping: Beyond the 3% Rule by Dustin Smith, P.E., John Burgess, P.E., and Craig Powers, PhD

Smith & Burgess Conference Papers

Snares to LOPA by Glenn Rozmus, PhD, and Dick Baum

Effects of Process Variables on Peak Relief Rates Estimated by Dynamic Simulation for a Multiple Distillation Column System by John Wilkins and Dustin Smith, P.E.

Heat Integration and Relief Systems Design by Jason White, P.E., and Jason Spearow, P.E.

An Engineering Method to Mitigate the Impact of Regulatory Focus on Relief System Installations by Prioritizing Risk by Dustin Smith, P.E.

Process Safety as a Career Foundation by Andrew Stein

Making Relief Load Estimates Match Reality by Nicholas Cristea and Jason White, P.E.

Pressure Relief System Reaction Forces- The Importance of Evaluating Existing Installations by Jason White, P.E., Bill Frenk, Dustin Smith, P.E., Nicholas Cristea

Things Plant Engineers Should Know about Reviewing Relief Valve & Flare Action Items by Dustin Smith, P.E.