Hour with an Expert

Process Safety Experts 

Today's engineers are under enormous pressure to cover all of their rigorous, daily responsibilities. "Hour with an Expert" drawing is your chance to win one free, professional hour with a Smith & Burgess technical expert.

Take advantage of our collective expertise to provide clarity and guidance on a range of process safety related topics. No follow-up sales pitch or strings attached! We simply want to offer our years of experience as an available resource.


The information and services provided by Smith & Burgess to the Registrant under this program is for the private, internal use of Registrant only. Such information and services shall be considered confidential trade secrets, and the same may not be applied to or relied upon by persons other than Registrant.   Registrant agrees it shall not disclose the information and services provided under this program to any persons outside of Registrant without first obtaining prior written consent from Smith & Burgess.




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