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OSHA defines Process Safety Management through 14 interlinked and interdependent elements; each is related and necessary to make up the entire PSM picture. So our first season is an overview, with each episode dedicated to one of the 14 elements.

However, from there, Seasons 2, 3, 4, etc. will focus solely on one 1 of the 14 elements. So next season (which is coming very soon) has 14 episodes dedicated only to “Incident Investigations.” Season 3 will have 14 episodes dedicated to Process Hazard Analysis, and so on and so forth.

So from Keith, Dick, Katherine, and the rest of the process safety experts at Smith & Burgess, we hope that “The Insights into the Elements of Process Safety Podcast” is as entertaining as it is informative and educational.

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Dick Baum | Director of Engineering

Mr. Baum is a Senior PHA Consultant with 40 years of experience in the oil / gas / chemical sectors. He has been with Smith & Burgess since 2011, focusing on project management, HAZOP/LOPA facilitation, SIL Analysis, and Risk Management Studies. In his new role, Mr. Baum will be responsible for ensuring the firm’s Engineering Department continues to deliver on the organization’s core values: Customer Service, Expertise, and Integrity.


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Brandon Ring | Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Mr. Ring is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in Advertising. From the day-to-day infrastructure to the far-reaching campaign execution, Mr. Ring installs high-functioning marketing departments. For over a decade Brandon has worked with corporate leaders to initiate and execute achievable, measurable marketing and branding goals. He is a champion to the firm's overall objectives and proficient in an uncommon variety of skillsets.


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