Upcoming Lunch & Learn Webinars


Our senior engineers dedicate a portion of their time each week to further develop and present the research that impacts our client's needs. Check back here for links to past webinar presentations. Also, if you have questions or a subject that you would like to see, please let us know.


  • "Add Value to Your CAPEX Project with Specialized Engineering" Lunch & Learn
    Presented by Nicholas Cristea & Andrew Stein
    (Click To Play)

  • "Are You Ready for OSHA's NEP Audits" Lunch & Learn
    Presented by Dick Baum & Parimal Desai
    (Click To Play)

  •  "The Importance of Analyzing Tube Ruptures with a Transient Model" Lunch & Learn
    Presented by Nick Cristea & John Burgess
    (More Information / Register Here)

  • "Do I Really Need to Mitigate My Undersized Flare System?" Lunch & Learn
    Presented by Achilles Arnaez & Zubin Kumana
    (Registration Coming Soon)

  • "Case Study: Relief Systems Design in Compressor Upgrades" Lunch & Learn
    Presented by John Burgess & Natalie Doe
    (Registration Coming Soon)


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