Salus Fundamentals

Course Description:

With its localized help at the data-entry level and its sequential workflows, Salus can easily be used by engineers of all levels. Salus also features built-in tools for quick calculations. Its ease of use ensures accurate, comprehensive documentation. Students who complete this course will have a core understanding of:

  • Salus Workflow
  • Data Entry
  • Contingency identification
  • Required Rate and Sizing Calculations
  • Generating system documentation
  • Data Querying using Data Insights


0.5-1 day (depending on customization)


Upon completion, all participants will receive 4 hours of Professional Development Hours.


Smith & Burgess created many features in Salus, including localized help at the data-entry level and sequential workflows, that ensure Salus is an efficient and reliable way for plant engineers to create and maintain a comprehensive relief systems analysis and produce a corresponding report. 

Course Topics:

  • Integrated Thermodynamics
  • PSM Compliant Documentation
  • Overpressure Scenario Lists
  • Built-in Calculation Methods
  • LP Tank Analysis
  • Multi-variable Searching
  • System Based Organization
  • Logical Errors / Software Cues
  • Pop-up Help Text
  • Third Party Documentation

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