Salus | Relief & Flare System Software Package

Salus is a straightforward, user-friendly, relief and flare system software package for engineers at all levels.

Plant Engineers demand comprehensive and robust performance from their relief and flare system software. But it is of little value if you have to retrain occasional users each time they use it. That’s why Smith & Burgess developed Salus, a straightforward, user-friendly relief and flare system software package for engineers.

Salus offers localized help at the data-entry level and sequential workflows that guide users through the relief systems design process. Such ease of use ensures sound and accurate documentation, regardless of the operator.

Salus features built-in tools for quick calculations that save time and enforce consistency. The software includes a web-based portal for authorized users, allowing engineers access to published relief documents and on-the-spot information not otherwise available, saving time and money.

Salu™s Maintenance Upgrade and Support will include future enhancements such as a flare integration module and revision control, which allows engineers to create and track multiple versions of the same relief device, providing the flexibility to test and evaluate multiple options. Salus is backed by a dedicated global support team.