Work Safer, Work Smarter with Smith & Burgess

Smith & Burgess is an industry-leading Process Safety Management (PSM) provider driven to increase process safety by delivering innovative solutions and PSM compliance results.

We offer more services in addition to our core areas of expertise listed below. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Relief Systems Design & Documentation

Smith & Burgess has the experienced staff to solve relief systems related problems. Whether you need us to provide relief systems documentation from scratch or by updating existing documentation, our knowledge and methodology allows us to provide value beyond comparison.

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Flare Design Basis & Analysis

We at Smith & Burgess understand that many flare system designs are based on layers of overly conservative assumptions that may lead to large capital investments. With our expertise in Flare Design Basis Analysis, we can help ensure that your flare system design basis is as accurate as possible.

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PHA Facilitation

Our trained facilitators and technical scribes can consolidate and organize the information required to efficiently perform your PHA study, facilitate and document the study, and prepare and distribute the findings from the study. Our methodology allows us to import the findings and recommendations into almost any tracking system.

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PSM Consulting & Assessments

With a strong background in refinery and chemical processes, we understand how plants operate and how to keep facilities in regulation. Whether you need help preparing the internal three year self assessment required in 1910.119(o) or are looking to have a second opinion on your program, we can help line out the best path forward to ensure a greater level of compliance.

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Flare gas recovery unit conceptual design

Our team at Smith & Burgess has designed many Flare Gas Recover Units (FGRUs) and can provide you with a detailed conceptual design that can help ensure that your flare does not exceed EPA's limit of emitting more than 500 pounds per day of sulfur during normal operations.

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Action Item Resolution & Consolidation

With over a decade of experience in resolving action items, we have the knowledge to review a list of action items, generate a plan for your approval, and help clear your backlog of the findings, concerns, and action items.

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Inherently Safer Designs

Our staff has experience in designing systems, performing incident investigations, operating and maintaining process equipment, and designing safety systems for new and existing facilities. We can lower costs associated with safe guards and lessen problems associated with operations and integration into the existing facilities.

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