How We're Different

These days the term “customer service” is thrown around without much context or meaning. However, Smith & Burgess’ definition remains simple, “Do right by the customer first.”  This takes many different forms depending on the circumstances, but our staff is dedicated and proactive in helping our clients accomplish their goals while remaining compliant.

  • If it means our team of experts needs to drop everything, drive overnight, and work on-site through the weekend to prevent a facility from shutting down – we have done that.

  • Or if it means we need to quickly mobilize and focus all of our senior engineers to redesign two completely new relief systems design packages under budget and within a tight deadline – we have done that.

  • Or if it’s as simple as making sure every end user understands our delivered PSI’s on multiple occasions – we happily oblige because Smith & Burgess empowers only the most exceptional engineers to stand by the quality of their work.
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