PSM & RMP Audits and Incident Investigations

We work with our clients to understand their organization and compliance auditing needs. Our auditors possess the organizational and technical expertise to understand compliance and process risks. Our auditing process is easy to understand and navigate, allowing the information to be understood for continuity with ongoing efforts. We employ protocol and sampling strategies that lead to a clear understanding of results and the possible impact of the findings. We have the ability to assist our clients in presenting, prioritizing and resolving audit findings in an efficient manner with all levels of the organization.

Understanding the regulatory coverage and associated requirements is essential to any compliance program. The nuances associated with different agency requirements can leave even the best organizations with compliance issues. Our approach defines your unique process safety and risk management related requirements. We assist our clients in documenting coverage determinations so it is clear what is covered and the basis for the decision. We have the ability to assist in establishing which assets are covered by PSM, the appropriate RMP program level, completing filings, and determining where pipeline requirements start.

Either as part of an ongoing compliance audit or in preparation for a specific regulatory inspection, we assist in helping our clients anticipate what will be asked. We utilize criteria and assessment methods that give an understanding of the state of the program, what will be evaluated, and the best methods to facilitate the inspection. We work with our clients to develop the procedures and document control methods to properly manage the inspection so everyone knows what to expect.

From the start of the inspection, through settlement and mitigation, we have experience. We work with the client’s staff and legal counsel to determine the most efficient way to manage an inspection so proper information is given to regulators and the compliance efforts are easily understood and presented. We review the directives and protocols used by agencies to allow our client to understand its status and the resources needed. We assist in building a defense for actions and in coming up with agreeable, realistic abatement actions.

  • Compliance Audits
    • PSM
    • RMP
    • Jurisdictional Determinations
  • Regulatory Preparedness
    • Emphasis Programs
  • Technical Assistance to Legal Counsel
  • Incident Investigations