Dust Hazard Analysis

Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA’s) is a systematic review of processes that create, process, or transport materials resulting in dusts that are considered combustible.

Before your DHA, a Smith & Burgess engineer will visit your site for an initial assessment. We will then walk you through the process of managing combustible dusts and help you establish a Dust Management Plan (required under many of the NFPA industry-specific guidelines.)

Smith & Burgess has the expertize to guide your team through the Dust Hazard Analysis process and help you complete NFPA 652 requirements with ease.

Industries that fall under any specific NFPA Guidelines and need to complete DHA's for all existing processes by September of 2020:

  • Agricultural (61)
  • Chemical and Pharma (654)
  • Metal (484)
  • Wood (664)