Full PSM & RMP Program Implementation

The implementation of process safety and risk management efforts is complicated and affects practically every function within an organization. The implementation of process safety is often done piece meal with independent groups at different times and managed by different methods. Without an understanding how the pieces fit an organization can struggle with implementing and managing an efficient compliant program. Organizations often find themselves having to reinvent the wheel because it is not clear what was done when and how it fits with the present

Elements and aspects of process safety and risk management are often implemented independently by different organizational groups or consultants at different times and managed by different methods with minimal regard for how the pieces fit and how they are maintained. Often recurring efforts such as process hazard analysis or maintaining process safety information are inefficient and cumbersome because of inconsistent implementation over time.

Our experienced staff includes professionals who have implemented process safety programs in various industries. Our approach is to understand an organizations structure and develop programs and implementation plans tailored to the organizational resources, roles, and responsibilities. We believe it is important to provide a total program, including standards and specifications for how the various aspects are managed and maintained so that the ongoing program can be consistently managed. We can also assist in providing and implementing implementation management tools such as organizational development and software solutions

Contact us to assist in evaluating your organization and determining the best way to implement an efficient and complaint process safety and risk management program.