Change Management

Management of Change (MOC) involves many aspects of a plant and process. Each organization has its own method of managing the change process and the process is not always well defined. Keeping track of all tasks associated with change can become cumbersome and overwhelming and a lack of proper change management can lead to decreased confidence in documented Process Safety Information (PSI).

Smith & Burgess assists clients in developing effective and efficient change management processes by defining what changes need to be analyzed and to what extent. We provide categorization processes to assure the proper technical, administrative, and management reviews occur.  We assist in developing tracking systems from the change process itself through resolution and Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR).  We provide assistance in educating the organization the value of MOCs and the associated roles and responsibilities.

We look for opportunities to make MOC an integral process that complements existing capital, maintenance, and operations management systems.  We also assist in defining the process safety information (PSI) that feeds the analysis and assist in providing management processes for maintaining the information.  We work with organizations to allow for a better understanding of the definition and purpose of PSI to allow an organization to better manage its information. PSI consists of everything from design and installation information through drawings and data to represent the current state of the process. We assist in determining the best methods to manage ongoing PSI to avoid the cost and hassle of periodically having to discover and update entire portions of PSI. In addition to implementing access and management of change associated with PSI, we assist clients in determining periodic audit points to assure management and discover deficiencies before they become a problem. 

  • Action Item Resolution/Planning
  • Identify Client PSI
  • Evaluate PSI Accuracy & Update
  • Develop Ongoing Programs
  • Document Management