Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)

Corporate directives and regulatory actions based on recent incidents have increased the level of detail expected in PHAs, requiring significantly more thorough analysis than what was done in the past. Key assumptions that were once common now require significant justification. To ensure capital is allocated across the organization to the highest risk items, organizations are now applying semi-quantitative methods to categorize deviations (e.g. LOPA). Furthermore, with the costs of the corrective action ballooning, significantly more emphasis has been placed on the PHA process.

Smith & Burgess has experienced facilitators with varied industry experience to provide a thorough analysis with realistic recommendations. We provide full Process Hazard Analysis services from program development to small HAZID studies to reviews of existing studies to full PHA and LOPA execution and recommendation resolution.

  • PHA & LOPA Facilitation
  • Existing PHA/LOPA Reviews
  • Overall Program Development