Special Projects

Process Safety is a complex program that encompasses technical and administrative activities to predict and control process safety risk. Elements and aspects are progressive and require specialized in-depth analysis to determine efficient execution and avoid mistakes at the base of the program. We have the ability to look at each element to ensure proper methodologies, RAGAGEP, and other supporting information is utilized as the correct basis of design.

Process Safety has many leading indicators that are able to give an indication of the level of success. These indicators need to be well understood by organizations to ensure compliance and system health. Boxed solutions do not necessarily meet the requirements of an organization or they require additional resources for follow-up and implementation. We provide our clients with personalized technical and program development support to allow for the most optimum and efficient Process Safety programs. We assist clients in implementing the right solutions. We analyze all aspects of a client’s program from top to bottom to give an organization the data to deploy the proper resources and make sure everyone understands Process Safety and how his/her role affects the entire process.

Our experienced staff includes professionals who have implemented Process Safety programs in various industries. Our approach is to understand the organizational structure and develop programs and implementation plans tailored to the organizational resources, roles, and responsibilities. We believe it is important to provide a total program, including standards and specifications for how the various aspects are managed and maintained to allow the ongoing program to be sustainable. We also assist in providing and implementing management tools such as organizational development and software solutions.

  • Compliance Based Programs
  • Management Systems Optimization
  • Develop Risk Guidance/Matrices
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators
  • Evaluate & Optimize Process Safety Systems