Unit Debottlenecking (Overpressure Protection)

When a facility is looking at increasing the throughput of a unit, oftentimes there are safe operating limits or PSM limits due to the overpressure protection. This is not a mere academic issue as in the US (per the EIA) there were ~200 operating refineries in 1985 with only 137 thirty years later; but the total US throughput has increased 25% over that same 30 years (or significantly more depending on how you quantify the increase in complexity).

Oftentimes the unit PSM limits are controlled by a few key systems overpressure protection equipment. Smith and Burgess specializes in knowing how to focus a review of overpressure protection and efficiently determine the current unit bottlenecks. From there various cost effective solutions can be generated and reviewed in order to determine the most feasible way to increase a units safe operating limits.