Relief Studies & Flare Studies

In the past, regulators and companies were satisfied meeting the relief systems documentation requirements in PSM and RMP with PSV specification sheets. As a result, many facilities are left without documentation that meets the current interpretation of the PSM Standard (or RMP Requirements).

Often we hear a facility say "Let's Do It with Our People (and save money)"

With the current staffing cuts, expanding job responsibilities, and priorities focused elsewhere, one of the main reasons relief systems documentation was not kept up with the facility is that people’s limited time is focused elsewhere. In our experience, this method does not work because the trained site engineer will always prioritize operations over documentation.


A Good engineer is hard to find, and we find that projects of this type are not staffed by the best and the brightest at EPC companies. Thus, the burden of ensuring quality work is left back on the site.

We have engineers here that have been doing the work for more than a decade straight and still learn something new every day. The nuances of the work and magnitude of the consequences of errors result in huge learning costs. Don’t pay them, leverage our experience. In one case, we reviewed the findings for a major refinery and saved them over $3MM on two units (out of the fifty or so in the plant).

We have a time-tested consistent approach that focuses engineering time on the most important aspects of the analysis and minimizes the costs associated with poor engineering assumptions.

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