Maintenance Operation Studies

When maintenance is needed on a flare header or flare stack, the outage can affect large portions of even the entire facility. Someone needs to decide if throughput decreases are sufficient or if the unit needs to be shutdown. For complex facilities this can be a daunting task.

For a facility with one flare or disposal system, an outage almost always means the facility needs to be shut down. But with the increase in facility complexity this is rarely the case and oftentimes, a detailed engineering analysis can help managers decide how to proceed while simultaneously minimizing operational disruptions and risk.

When faced with the decision of how to operate the plant with the flare system partially or fully shutdown, most know that operations will be affected. However, two common but extreme choices come to mind (1) shut-down all production that uses the flare system or (2) operate as normal albeit with your head in the sand.

Smith & Burgess has a better way. We analyze the alternative operation of the flare system and make operating decisions based on an understanding of the risks.

Our engineers have performed these analysis many times and oftentimes a detailed analysis of the modified operation can result in less upset to plant operations.

Call one of our engineers to see if a detailed analysis can result in less disruption to operations when a flare system needs to be isolated for maintenance.