Relief Systems Documentation

Regulators (OSHA/EPA in the United States) have various standards that required covered facilities to provide complete and total relief systems documentation. Recent regulatory actions have shown that reasonable current practices require significant efforts from the owners of a covered facility.

PSM/RMP covered facilities typically hire a few engineers directly or contract this work out to a general engineering firm and undertake an extremely expensive project. Costs typically spiral out of control, not only in engineering hours but also in costly unnecessary mitigations.

Our engineers have worked in hundreds of facilities, and each project team has sized thousands of relief devices. What you get using our services are:

  • Lower engineering costs as we are optimized to perform this task.
  • Fewer upgrades/mitigation projects as we strive to eliminate conservative assumptions from the basis.
  • Less time required from your staff (we know what we need and get it quickly).
  • A team of solid engineers to help you navigate the codes to minimize facility risk, maximum regulatory compliance all while reducing costs.